With strategic partnerships in place, Century Lighting Solutions can help with financing your project through a leasing option. Leasing equipment offers a number of benefits to customers in comparison to cash investments or tapping into existing bank credit lines.

Manage Cash Flow Relevant at all times, but particularly during a lean economic climate when “Cash is King”, leasing helps customers manage their cash flow by paying for equipment over time.

Leverage Purchasing Power When evaluating your equipment needs, leasing provides an effective vehicle to acquire the solution your business really needs, vs. acquiring only what you can afford using available cash from your capital budget.

Preserve Bank Credit Lines Accessing leasing allows businesses to keep their existing bank credit lines available for short term needs, including inventory, advertising/marketing, and payroll.

100% Financing Customers can bundle in project costs including equipment, software, maintenance, training, installation, and shipping into one convenient payment plan with minimal initial outlay.

If you’re interested in leasing or financing your lighting purchase, please contact Trident Fund 1, LLC. They are a third-party, independent equipment leasing and finance company located in San Jose, CA.