Our unique patent pending lights offer the following advantages:

Made in USA — Most LED lights are made in China. Our patent pending lights are manufactured at our production facility in Mentor, Ohio, on our automated robotic assembly line.

Highest Quality — Our ruggedly constructed lights use no transformers and have the most energy efficient LED drive circuitry in the industry. Our lights run directly off 110 volts and produce 106 Lumens per watt. Our bulbs are even DLC approved!

Best Warranty — Most manufacturers offer a 3 to 5 year warranty on their product. The warranty on our patent-pending lights is 25 full years – no questions asked! Backed by over 30 years of LED experience.

Best Prices — Even though our lights are the highest quality and made in the USA, you’ll always find our pricing to be the most competitive due to our innovative patent pending internal drive circuitry that has eliminated the need for an expensive inefficient transformer and virtually all the associated components.

Financing — We can provide 100% financing — no upfront costs and 100% tax deductible.